PHP vs Python: Which One is Better For Web Development?

PHP vs Python: Which One is Better For Web Development?


Nowadays, Python vs PHP are two popular programming languages ​​that most of the businesses prefer to use for web development projects.

Choosing the accurate programming language is very important for any web development project.

Today the market is all about interactive websites and mobile apps. Every 3 out of 5 businesses have their own customized business websites and mobile apps.

Thanks to web development companies that develop excellent and functional applications. It is like the backbone of the development process.

Although the market of web development is full of various programming languages, the competition between PHP vs Python is always the talk of the town.

This robustness creates a significant campaign to select between Python vs PHP for web development.

But, which programming language is better for your web applications — Python vs PHP?

So, this post describes the difference between these two powerful programming languages ​​and their features, advantages and disadvantages.

We have written this post to help you know about these languages ​​closely in details and make practical decisions for your next web development project.

Now, we will discuss the basics of the two languages ​​(php vs python) and then move on to their comparison. So let’s get started!

PHP vs Python for Web Development

Before discussing in detail, let us have a quick review of PHP and Python:

1. PHP

  • PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor is a suitable option of programming language for web developers.
  • This language is widely used for creating interactive websites across the world. According to market reports, PHP is used by 79.2% of all websites with a known server-side programming language.
  • Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP or Personal Home Page in 1994.
  • After that, it got its new name, i.e. PHP-Hypertext Pre-processor.
  • That’s why about 8 out of every 10 websites you visit on the Internet use PHP in some way or the other.
  • PHP is not used for general purpose programming, and is only used to create dynamic web content with html. The only reason to stick to PHP is its ease of use.

PHP 8.1.4 is the latest stable release, published on March 17, 2022.

2. Python

  • Python is an open-source, general purpose, high level programming language aimed at object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Guido van Rossum developed this language in 1991. Python is used in web development, software development and system scripting. I
  • Python has gained extraordinary popularity that today many successful tech giants are choosing Python as their backend development language.
  • Some of the best instances of websites create using Python are Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Pinterest, Google, Reddit, and Lyft.
  • Python helps you simplify complex programming. It is intrinsically related to memory address, garbage collection.

Python 3.10.4 is the stable release, published on March 24, 2022.

PHP vs Python: Features

Here are the main key features of PHP vs Python given below:

Features of PHP

  • PHP is easy to learn, read and maintain.
  • It has a pliable and embedded nature. It is highly compatible with almost all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix etc.
  • PHP has some predefined error reporting constants to give rise error information or warnings
  • It supports a wide range of databases including MySQL, Oracle, Informix, SQLite, Sybase, and more.
  • Compared to other scripting languages ​​like JSP and ASP, PHP is more efficient.

Features of Python

  • Python can run on different hardware platforms using the same user interface.
  • Python provides support for high-level dynamic data types and dynamic type checking.
  • It is a portable language that allows your code to run on any platform Like Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.
  • You can integrate Python with C, C++ and Java programming code.
  • It aids in an interactive mode of testing and debugging.

2. React

Below are the top advantages and drawbacks of using PHP for web app development:

1. Pros of PHP

  • Abundant pluggable framework features Open-source and object-oriented.
  • Provides support for other database interfaces such as No SQL, PostgreSQL, and so forth.
  • Get support from multiple operating systems and work cross-platform.
  • Provides support for the Database Archive module.
  • There are many open-source PHP frameworks available to use for free.

2. Cons of PHP

  • There are many open-source PHP frameworks available to use for free.
  • Uses weak typing which can give wrong knowledge and data to the users.
  • Not suitable for content-based apps.
  • Inadequacy of security protocols and facilities.
  • It is weak in handling large size applications.

Pros and Cons Of Python

Here are the top advantages and drawbacks of using the Python programming language for web development:

Pros of Python

  • It improves the productivity of developers as it comes with extensive library support and clear object-oriented design which helps programmers to write neat and clean code.
  • A general-purpose, object-oriented and versatile language to be employed in various fields.
  • Highly graphic and makes hobbyist friendly.
  • It is an extensible language that allows developers to write code in other languages ​​including C, C++ as well.
  • WORA functionality makes it portable.

Cons of Python

  • Python is weak in mobile computing and browsers; it is rarely seen on the client-side.
  • Due to design restrictions, this generates run-time errors.
  • Dynamic typing makes error detection difficult.
  • Huge for a simple and small app or website.
  • Duck-typing causes run-time error.

PHP vs Python: Which To Choose?

  • Actually this is a long post to read, but I hope you enjoy it. After comparing both the languages ​​on each important parameter, it is still difficult to choose a programming language among them.
  • Both PHP and Python are best in their own way. It’s not about PHP vs. Python; The choice of language for web development completely depends on your business requirements.
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  • With proven experience in building excellent mobile and web applications.

Why choose PHP?

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language among developers. Here are some reasons when you might choose PHP.

  • This language runs on various platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
  • It is compatible with almost all Apaches, IIS servers.
  • PHP has its official website Which is free to download.

Why Choose Python?

  • With a range of pre-built libraries, Python web development is easy.
  • PHP2 changed the language to a server-side scripting language.
  • PHP5, which was released in the year 2004, adds Zend Engine II to object-oriented programming, with strong XML support.

PHP vs Python: Detailed Comparison

  • You get a detailed overview of the languages, their features, advantages and disadvantages. Now here is a PHP vs Python comparison depend on various parameters!
  • A detailed comparison will help you decide the most appropriate language for use, how simple and efficient it is to work with and gives the best results for your web development efforts.
  • Let’s start a cold war between Python and PHP

1. Community Support

  • PHP and Python have excellent community support.
  • Since PHP has been in the market for web app development for a long time, it has a large community of developers who can offer support immediately.
  • Since there are various Python developers who are constantly creating Python applications, the community support is excellent.

2. Flexibility

  • Machine learning powered web apps are in great demand these days.
  • Therefore, Python delivers excellent machine learning libraries, such as Pandas, Tensorflow, Theano, and scikit-learn.
  • These libraries are fast, robust and unique, and most importantly, they can work perfectly with a web framework.

3. Market momentum

  • Python offers a large set of third-party libraries, packages, and modules for quick completion of a project.
  • It pulls off the MVC pattern to enable developers to build fast apps using a great division of concerns and reusability.

4. Ease of Use

  • Python is an open source, transferable and adaptable programming language that is easy to engage.
  • The programming of Python syntax is also uncomplicated.
  • As compared to other languages, PHP, coding with Python is easier to understand.

5. Library Management

  • Python employs pip to deal with packages.
  • Pip ensures that Python app development is fast, easy and meets all development requirements.
  • Python has a wide assortment of packages and handy tools for easy web app development.

6. Web Frameworks

  • Laravel are mature frameworks, and have a large community supporting them. Which makes PHP web development easy.
  • The two best-known Python-based web frameworks are Flask and Django.
  • These are highly scalable, fast, easy to use and secure.

7. Environment Management

  • Python has been the best programming language when it comes to controlling environments.
  • Its Virtualenv system helps to install various versions of the language and move between them rapidly.
  • PHP cannot compete with Python in this respect.
  • Therefore, developers prefer to use containers with PHP. So, Python is a clear winner here.

8. Security

  • In terms of security, Python is a preferred choice for businesses.
  • Different government organization also rely on Python as their secret hacking tool.
  • PHP is less robust than Python in terms of security.
  • As a result, Python triumphs over PHP at this point.

9.Ease of Learning

  • Python is simple to learn. You can pick up on this general-purpose programming language very quickly.
  • It is easy to choose a programming course for beginners.
  • PHP, on the other hand, is built for sophisticated web apps, as opposed to stand-alone, easy programs.
  • It is not a general-purpose language at all.
  • It takes more time to learn PHP as compared to Python

10. Debugging

  • PDB or Python Debugger is the in-built debugger of Python.
  • It uses several debugging strategies..
  • PDBs feature dynamic typing and allow developers to easily do things without having to declare things directly at the start of the program.
  • PHP delivers an X-Debug pack age for addressing bugs and error-checking the code for developers.


PHP and Python both perform very well in web development, Python overtakes PHP on various points.

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However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose Python and ignore PHP.

PHP and Python are both excellent programming languages ​​for developing web apps.

Python is the gateway to machine learning code.

At the end, it based on the requirements of your project as well as your PHP or Python capabilities, knowledge and expertise when you are creating your web apps.

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