The Best Food Delivery Apps And Tips In Canada- 2022


The Best Food Delivery Apps And Tips In Canada- 2022


In Canada, food delivery apps have made it simpler than ever to get takeout and many of your favourite food items delivered to your door without having to leave your house.

You can order meals from a wide selection of hotels and restaurants using food delivery apps. All you have to do is download one of these applications, make your decision, place your order, and pay with your smartphone or pay at the time of delivery. A food delivery driver serves, packages, and delivers your food to your home with only a few taps on your smartphone.

Food delivery applications benefit not just customers but also vendors. To increase sales, sellers might put their money into online food delivery companies in Canada. These Calgary food delivery apps help merchants in a variety of ways, including increasing their online visibility, improving customer happiness, and lowering costs. Having the best food delivery app may improve your business, whether you’re in the delivery service or the food sector.


The market for internet food ordering appears to be saturated. The fact is that saturation exists everywhere, but it is associated with the activity. A crowded market is a lively market.

If you run a restaurant, now is the moment to get online with your operation. At this point, an app for ordering food online can’t go wrong. If you’re a software company with a plan to create the best food delivery app in Toronto, first learn about the market before going for it.

People are exercising seclusion and social distance as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. However, consumables and comfort food items are the most important requirement, which everyone is rushing to obtain. As a food ordering service or delivery service provider, you may really assist individuals in staying indoors and meeting their needs on time.

Now, when it comes to curating features and functionality for your online food delivery firm, you need to be a little bit more particular in such a key virus or flu season. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 on-demand Canadian food delivery apps that you can use to do a competitive study prior to building food delivery apps in Toronto.

Now, before we get into the list of apps to order food in Canada, let’s have a look at the online meal delivery area and learn some facts and figures about the best delivery app in Toronto and worldwide.

Growth Potential for Online Food Delivery apps

  • Calgary food delivery apps like Foodora and SkipTheDishes accounted for $1 billion of the $4.3 billion in orders placed in 2018.
  • In 2019, the Online Food Delivery segment in Canada had total sales of US$2.004 billion.
  • By 2023, the online food delivery category is expected to develop at a pace of 10.2 percent per year, resulting in a market volume of US$2,959 million.
  • Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery is expected to be the market’s largest segment in 2025, with a market volume of US$6,098 million.

We understand the expanding market need for food processing firms as a top online and mobile app, and software development company. At Space-O Technologies, we’ve created a variety of food and beverage solutions and assisted a number of businesses and startups with their online ordering and delivery operations.

We’ve picked the finest food delivery companies in Canada based on their downloads, features, and functions, based on our extensive expertise designing applications in a variety of genres ranging from food to taxi to laundry.

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps In Canada

1. Skip The Dishes- One of the best food delivery apps

In 2012, the SkipTheDishes app was released in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It primarily serves Canadian cities, although it has also extended to the United States and other nations. It currently has a global presence with approximately 16000 establishments. This firm employs approximately 2000 people, including delivery executives, who strive to make it one of the best food delivery services in Toronto. According to Crunchbase, this app has received a total of CA$8.5 million in investment. SkipTheDishes is one of Canada’s most popular food delivery apps in Edmonton, as evidenced by the number of downloads and ratings.

2. Tim Hortons- One of the highly recommended meal ordering apps in Canada

Tim Hortons opened its first restaurant in 1964 and today has over 4500 locations. They’ve been serving delicious doughnuts and coffee since the beginning, but in 2017 they decided to go digital with a website and restaurant app of the same name. It serves all of Canada’s main cities, as well as smaller towns. Tim Hortons (restaurant chains) earned around $3.29 billion in revenue, according to Statista.

3. Door Dash- One of the top Canadian meal delivery apps

In 2013, San Francisco, California, United States, debuted and the best food delivery app Canada similar to Deliveroo in canada. They currently employ approximately 6900 people, including delivery executives, who ensure that food is delivered as quickly as possible. It is one of the top food delivery companies in Canada, with locations including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Ottawa. According to Crunchbase, it has received $2.1 billion in investment.

4. Foodora- One of the finest meal ordering apps in Canada

This food delivery company was formed in 2014 and is situated in Berlin, Germany. By acquiring Hurrier in Toronto, it entered the Canadian market. They’ve worked with over 9000 establishments in more than a dozen countries. It is one of Canada’s most popular food delivery apps Montreal, with locations in Calgary, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

5. Little Caesars- One of the most recommended food delivery apps in Canada

Little Caesars was founded in 1959 in Garden City, Michigan, and has since become one of the most well-known pizza restaurants in the world. Because it was only released in 2018, the app had to make our list because it has already established itself as one of the top food delivery companies in Canada. This food delivery Canada service, like Uber, includes a unique TouchID/ FINGERPRINT and FaceID login feature.

What are the ways in which food delivery apps are dealing with situations involving the Coronavirus?

There is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 related with food,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Finally, the statement indicated that a person might get COVID-19 by contacting a virus-infected surface or object and then touching their own face.
Every Canada fast food delivery business is authorised to execute its duty and give requirements to the isolated individuals by following the kitchen takeout food delivery criteria. If you want to build a “delivery near me” app or become the finest takeaway food app, you should consider these online food delivery growth strategies.

1. Contactless carryout and delivery

As a food ordering app, you should select such delivery choices for the safety of your customers and gig economy employees for better customer service. These characteristics prevent both parties from making immediate touch with one another during order delivery.

2. Remove delivery app fees or charges

You may supply meals at a fixed rate with no fees for a reputation as one of the best delivery apps in Canada. There should be no additional fees imposed on the consumer whether they pay with a credit card, debit card, or cash.

3. Emergency care kit

If you’re a restaurant partners platform or a solo food delivery app, you should have a basic recipe list, basic food combinations, and morning dishes on hand to satisfy rising demand. Make sure you stock up on supplies and sell them at a profit while maintaining the highest possible food quality. This will enhance the number of people that visit your website.

4. Payment can be made virtually

Make sure your Canada fast food delivery app, like Postmates or GrubHub, has this feature enabled to reduce hand-to-hand contact at critical times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Encourage your consumers to pay for the food they’ve had delivered to their door by paying the price or money online.

5. Hand sanitization

Make sure your food delivery person is wearing gloves when delivering the packages to safeguard the safety of both your staff and the customer. For consumers who want to pay with cash, you may also provide them with additional gloves. Before paying for their meal package, the consumer must put on gloves.

6. Ensure Pickups or takeout orders

If a client chooses to pick up their order from you, ensure sure it is placed indoors on a table or chair. You may even leave it on their vehicles when they arrive to pick up their items and addresses.

4 Expert Tips for Creating the Perfect Uber for Food Apps

Choose characteristics that are distinctive and sophisticated

There are several aspects that are similar to all food ordering apps. This contains, among other things, search filters, ratings, and real-time monitoring. You must add at least one feature that puts you one step ahead of your competition in order to stand out in the sea of culinary applications. The Little Caesars and Tim Horton, two of the famous food delivery companies in canada for example, allows users to personalise their pizzas and beverages. While DoorDash enables group ordering, other applications allow for order scheduling and even the reservation of tables for dine-in. Features such as monthly subscriptions and order pooling can also be integrated.

Prepare to take on competition

You can’t have it all, at least not at first. Before taking any action, it is recommended that you clearly state your goals. We’ll provide an example to demonstrate this. Assume you run a restaurant and need to have a web presence in order to stay competitive. Don’t be the first to put your complete menu on an app. Certain sandwiches could become mushy after being delivered. Similarly, if you’re a food business, you may need to offer free or reduced food to establish a client base before becoming a big fish. Other new and established rivals will be present. Only your determination will determine whether or not you can withstand the test of time.

Maintain a positive attitude toward customers and restaurants

If you run a restaurant, you must also handle the Canadian food delivery services in addition to the restaurant’s operations. This might be a new responsibility on top of an existing one. You can’t, however, make any compromises when it comes to client service. You don’t need to supervise restaurant activities as a startup, but you do need to be cautious about your relationships with eateries. Many eateries express dissatisfaction with high commission rates and other difficulties. You must operate in such a way that both consumers and restaurants are happy.

Experiment with several types of on-demand services

The Postmates app is maybe the clearest illustration of this. You may order meals, booze, and groceries all from the comfort of your own home. Customers will appreciate the simplicity of being able to order many items in one spot. As a top on-demand app development firm, we will recommend Uber for delivery solutions for your organisation. You have the option of Alcohol delivery with Uber, For groceries, use Uber, Bakery Uber, Uber to get some ice cream, Beverages provided by Uber, etc.


Given below are the top recommended apps to order food in Canada


  • Filter your search (even by shipping fee, which starts at $0)
  • There are many restaurants and cuisines to choose from.
  • Addresses should be saved for rapid servicing.
  • Re-order your favourites.

Tim Hortons-

  • Favourite things are ordered and reordered.
  • Customers who have been loyal to Tims have been rewarded.
  • Create your own recipes and keep them as favourites.
  • Payment integration that is safe and secure


  • Orders and group orders are simple to do.
  • Schedule deliveries according to your preferences.
  • Order monitoring in real time
  • Payments are simple and quick.


  • Look for the greatest eateries in town.
  • Pick your favourite foods.
  • You may pick it up or have it delivered.
  • Make an appointment for your order.

Little Caesars-

  • “Custom pizza builder” to receive custom-made pizzas “Store locator” that automatically determines the closest store
  • Users can arrange up to 6 days in advance using order scheduling.
  • Favorites can be saved for easy ordering.


So, are you considering beginning a food delivery service? Then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Deliverables is a prominent web development, food delivery app development, and mobile app development company. It provides clients all around the world with feature-rich websites and mobile application solutions. The firm is led by a core group of website and app developers with extensive experience in their respective fields. Contact us at


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