The Best Food Delivery Apps you’ll love in India- 2022

The Best Food Delivery Apps you’ll love in India- 2022

Food delivery apps in India have made life so much easier for the stressed-out urban Indian who would rather order food than cook.

Food delivery apps in India have made life so much easier for the stressed-out urban Indian who would rather order food than cook.

With the advancement of technology, individuals now search for a mobile app to complete any task. According to statistics, India will have more than 500 million mobile internet users by 2025. There’s no doubt that smartphone applications have become our go-to companions for anything and everything. Everything is ordered using smartphone applications, from paying online bills to purchasing groceries. People in larger cities with a large number of young professionals don’t have much time to prepare food.

And here’s where Food Delivery Apps in India makes the task much easier and convenient especially for the working Indian population. These restaurant apps in India are definitely handy and simple to use, and they offer tempting savings and speedier delivery.

An online food delivery app like Zomato has been gaining in popularity like never before, thanks to its affordability, variety of options, free home delivery, and other advantages.

All you have to do is, Register in the app after downloading it from Google Play or the App Store, choose a menu you want to be delivered at your door. Most young IT professionals and other office workers found this way of placing a meal order online to be too simple, saving them a lot of time. In Indian cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, online meal delivery websites and smartphone applications are immensely popular.

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Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Food Delivery Apps in India have grown extremely popular among users due to the increasing number of young people in various locations. People may choose from a wide range of applications to compare and pay for offer rates from online meal ordering apps.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best food delivery apps in India, which have made restaurant food available to you from the comfort of your own home. Continue browsing!

1. Swiggy

  • Swiggy was started in 2014 by Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini, and Sriharsha Majety and is run by Bundl Technologies Private Limited in Bangalore. They began their adventure in Bangalore with food delivery.
  • This hyperlocal food delivery service is presently available in 25 Indian cities and has over 40000 establishments worldwide. Swiggy has made a name for itself in the online meal delivery sector in a short amount of time.
  • Before placing your order, you may search by cuisine, restaurant, and area, as well as read reviews and ratings.
  • Swiggy users can monitor the delivery person using live location mapping.
  • it is one of India’s most popular food ordering smartphone apps which was sparked by the idea of providing consumers with complete food ordering and transportation arrangements from the best neighbouring hotels.
  • It is India’s most popular online food ordering app, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play.
  • The business collaborates with to provide consumers with deals from any restaurant with no minimum order requirement and to get an amount from all nearby hotels.

2. Zomato Order

  • One of the popular restaurant apps in India, Zomato, has introduced Zomoto Order, an online meal ordering service. In India, there is a meal delivery business that operates in all major cities.
  • Zomato is Swiggy’s greatest competition in India, having risen to prominence in a short period of time.
  • Zomato was founded in 2008 as an online restaurant search tool for mobile devices. Later, the service is expanded to include food ordering and delivery in major cities.
  • Zomato is a global food delivery service that operates in approximately 25 countries, including India, Australia, and the United States.
  • By picking a local restaurant and tapping over the menu, a user may make an order.

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3. Pizza Hut

  • Pizza Hut is a worldwide pizza delivery app that operates in a number of countries. Pizza Hut operates in various Indian cities, providing users with on-time meal delivery.
  • It serves all of your favourite dishes, including pasta, pizzas, drinks, and desserts. Pizza Hovel is a mobile application that provides easy access to local pizza deals.
  • Pizza Hut is another large pizza delivery franchise with locations not just in India but all around the world; Pizza Hut is often regarded as having the greatest pizza.
  • Although it is not as inexpensive as Domino’s, quality does not come cheap, as the saying goes. This international pizza delivery app is available in a variety of countries.
  • Pizza Hut is also present in many more major Indian cities, delivering your favourite pizzas and meals.
  • Pizza Hut delivers everything to clients quickly, from pizzas to drinks to sides and different types of pasta, and this is what makes this meal delivery service one of the finest in India.

4. Foodpanda

  • Foodpanda is a prominent online meal ordering website and smartphone app that is currently available in 43 countries.
  • The company, which is situated in Berlin, Germany, started the service in 2012.
  • To ensure on-time delivery, the firm has partnered with around 40000 small eateries across the country.
  • The success of the FoodPanda delivery app is due to its large database of restaurants from numerous locations, as well as the availability of rebates and incentives.
  • On delivery, the app supports credit card, cash, and debit card payment options.

5. TastyKhana

  • Sheldon D’souza and Sachin Bhardwaj launched TastyKhana, one of the food delivery apps in India. It gives customers instant access to a database of more than 7,000 restaurants all throughout India.
  • It provides a few options for clients to create profiles, reserve dining places, and submit previous requests. TastyKhana is an Android and iOS app that was launched in 2007.
  • TastyKhana provides online meal ordering a quick and easy process that boosts the prospects and revenue of the establishments from which orders are placed.
  • TastyKhana is one of the greatest ways to purchase food online, having worked with over 4000 eateries and ensuring their company success.
  • Customers who buy from can choose from a variety of cuisines as well as a variety of cakes and sweets.

6. Uber Eats (Now Zomato Order)

  • Uber Eats is a famous online food ordering app in India that serves Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and other major cities.
  • The Android and iOS versions of the software are both available. Uber Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc., which also operates a popular taxi service throughout the world.
  • Uber Eats is a global food delivery service that operates in over 1000 major cities in a variety of nations.
  • The software lets users select their favourite foods from neighbouring restaurants and have them delivered to their location in a timely manner. Uber quickly established itself as a serious contender to other market giants such as Swiggy and Zomoto.
  • Try the app for free and get a discount on your first delivery. In early 2019, Uber Eats India and Zomato Order formally combined.

7. JustEat

  • JustEat is a similar service that allows you to browse nearby eateries and then place an online order for food.
  • You can also obtain discounts if you pay online or use different promo codes.
  • It is recognised as one of the Top Food Delivery Apps in India and operates in the majority of India’s major cities.
  • If you’re wondering when you can order on Just Eat, know that you may place an order as soon as the kitchen of the restaurant, bar, or club of your choice is ready to create your food. With a planned order, you may place an order up to 24 hours in advance.

8. Faaso’s

  • The app has a large client base in India’s major cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.
  • The Faaso app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Customers can easily use the app to choose the best available menu for their order.
  • Faaso’s was formed in 2011 and has quickly risen to the top. This app has a large clientele buying meals using its app in some of the main cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and others.
  • The app easily receives 10,000 or more orders every day in India, and it is already available in 15 locations.
  • You may also quickly order food using the app. You will receive a little discount on your first buy.
  • In addition, as part of the Faasos Elite programme, Faaso’s maintains some awards for loyal clients.

9. Domino’s

  • Domino’s is a well-known pizza delivery app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.
  • The phone-based pizza ordering service is now available as a mobile app, allowing customers to make orders without having to dial a number.
  • Customers may pick from a variety of coupons and deals to taste with a variety of payment ways from Domino’s.
  • Domino’s is well-known for their cheesy and tasty pizzas. Dominzo does not only make your mouth wet with their pizzas, but also with the sides that come with them.
  • Domino’s is just a pizza delivery app, although you can also order pizza over the phone.
  • You may also use the app to access a variety of additional coupons and order your favourite pizza and sides from a Domino’s near you.
  • It is one of the top food delivery apps in India, and you can find a Domino’s restaurant anywhere, allowing you to order pizza in any city.

10. FoodMingo

  • FoodMingo is an online meal ordering, table reservation, and banquet reservation service.
  • Customers will be able to order meals from their favourite restaurants and earn FoodMingo cash rewards for all of their orders and reservations.
  • FoodMingo is a popular food delivery service in India’s major cities, including Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai.
  • Pushpinder Singh launched the firm in 2012. Customers may use the FoodMingo app to request food via an online form and reserve tables at restaurants of their choice.
  • It also provides discounts and special offers from its partner restaurants in certain cities.
  • Customers who use the FoodMingo app may keep track of their orders as they proceed.

Hence, Wondering what is the best way to pick the best online meal delivery app? Install the appropriate mobile applications from the list above and search the list of eateries in your area.

Compare the cost of each app’s and restaurant’s order menu. Place your order using the apps for the lowest pricing.

Additional Food delivery startups in-


Bangalore, India’s technological centre, is one of the country’s busiest cities. In Bangalore, there are several Meals Delivery firms that take orders online and deliver food to customers’ doorsteps.

Below is a list of some additional popular food-delivery startups in Bangalore. Many of them only operate in specific locations, so double-check the location before placing your order to sample some new cuisine.

Some of Bangalore’s most well-known food delivery startups include:

  • 48 East Entrée
  • Box8
  • Brekkie
  • Chefkraft
  • Fresh Menu
  • Masala Box
  • Ready Bowl

To order meals online in Bangalore from any of the aforementioned, visit their website or download their mobile app.


Mumbai is India’s business hub, and it follows all of the current fashion trends. In a short amount of time, online food ordering has made a significant jump in the city.

Apart from well-known applications like Swiggy and Zomato, there is a slew of other startup firms that offer superior services.

  • Holachef
  • Box8
  • Burgundy Box
  • Fresh Menu
  • Pizza Express
  • Calorie Care
  • iChef

are some of the most popular food delivery startups in Mumbai.

To order meals online in Mumbai from any of the aforementioned, visit their website or download their mobile app.


The capital of India. Delhi, like many other major cities, has adopted an online meal ordering trend. A user may place an order from anywhere with simple access to eateries via mobile app and internet.

Over the years, a considerable number of new food delivery startups have sprouted in Delhi.

Some of Delhi’s most well-known food delivery startups include:

  • Fresh Menu
  • Frsh
  • Tpot
  • Pizza Express
  • FoodCloud

To order meals online in Delhi from any of the aforementioned, visit their website or download their app.

To Summarize

In a nutshell, here are the top 10 most popular restaurant apps in India, which are helping to provide tastier lives at home

1. Swiggy- Swiggy’s ultrafast delivery ensures that your food is served fresh and on time. It gives you access to amazing restaurants, in your pocket.

2. Zomato Order- Zomato is the finest app for finding fantastic restaurants in your city. Our simple app displays all of your city’s restaurants and nightlife options, along with menus, images, and reviews.

3. Pizza Hut- Anywhere, at any time, you may get a tasty pizza. Pizza Hut would be delighted to help you with your home delivery.

4. Foodpanda- Foodpanda takes orders and transmits them directly to partner restaurants, who then deliver the food to clients through delivery riders.

5. TastyKhana- The TastyKhana app, developed by, a Pune-based online restaurant listing service, would allow users to select, order, and pay for meals from a variety of eateries listed on the site.

6. Uber Eats (Now Zomato Order)- Support local eateries by ordering meals online or through the Uber Eats app. Discover the top restaurants in your area that deliver. Contactless delivery is available for restaurant takeout, groceries, and other items.

7. JustEat- Just Eat is a meal delivery app for mobile devices. This smartphone application is accessible in nine cities and is particularly popular in Indian subways.

8. Faaso’s- Rebel Foods’ parent firm, Faasos, manages a cloud-based restaurant called Faasos. A cloud kitchen accepts and manages orders through the internet, and the food is delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

9. Domino’s- The Domino’s Android App is like carrying a Domino’s shop around with you at all times! It’s entertaining and engaging, and it puts you in command! With over 1.4 million pizza options, there’s something for everyone.

10. FoodMingo- Foodmingo, an online food delivery app, table, and banquet booking platform established in India that offers restaurant discounts and special offers.


Food delivery businesses are flourishing in India, as everyone knows. Online food delivery apps in India are a convenient method to get your favourite meals without having to prepare or leave the house. There are several advantages to using an online meal ordering service. You don’t have to wait in lengthy lines at busy restaurants and it’s always there when you need it and allows you to explore other cuisines in the comfort of your own home.
Hence, everyone is given the liberty to choose the finest food delivery development business on the market if you have a concept for a food ordering app. In if you are looking towards creating an app that delivers anything in India, our team at Deliverable can help you out. Get a quotation for Android and iPhone application development, Web development, SEO, online marketing, and branding services for customers all over the world. Let us help you create engaging online food delivery sites like food panda for the success of your startup.

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