The Best Mobile App Ideas To Create In 2022 [Latest]


The Best Mobile App Ideas To Create In 2022 [Latest]


Curious about The App Store and Google Play store both have a growing number of mobile app ideas. Developer revenues are also on the rise, and we don’t expect this to alter significantly in the next years.

Even if you already have the requisite experience and resources, coming up with new mobile app ideas for a mobile app is far from easy in such a fast-growing and competitive sector. However, whether you want to establish a business, launch a new one, or grow an existing one, you’ll need fresh mobile app ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of 30+ fantastic mobile app ideas for you, all of which will gain traction in 2022 and beyond.

You may use our list to get app ideas for your own startup and pet project applications to add to your portfolio, or you can just utilize it to assist people to solve their issues. This post contains numerous innovative, practical, and profitable mobile application ideas, regardless of the platform you work with, such as iOS or Android.

1. App for Virtual Interior Design (AR)


AR technologies have progressed to the point where they may be used as the foundation for fantastic products in a variety of fields. For example, mobile app ideas allow you to upload a snapshot of your room and then “furnish” it with various interior design features such as changing wall colours, experimenting with light, adding and removing curtains, and so on.

This is one of the fantastic mobile app ideas for a mobile company that you might monetize by collaborating with furniture retailers, repair shops, and design firms.

2. Book Reviews and Recommendations


You’ll appreciate the use of this simple app concept if you like reading books. Imagine an app that allowed you to take a picture of a book that piqued your attention in a store and then see quick reviews and suggestions for comparable books. Goodreads, Amazon, and other comparable sites can be used to gather information.

3. Virtual Jewelry Try-On App


This is another application of augmented reality technology. By uploading a photo into the app, the user may put on alluring jewellery and make a purchasing decision based on the depiction.

4. App for Elderly People


As individuals get older, they require more care and attention, and senior folks are gradually becoming a larger segment of app users. Consider developing an app that helps seniors organise their daily activities, reminds them about prescriptions and utility bills, and simplifies the purchasing and delivery of food goods tailored to their specific diet.

5. Barter Exchange App (one of the most convenient mobile app ideas)


Merchandise exchange is one of the oldest traditions that will never be completely obsolete. You may create an app in the form of a platform that facilitates the exchange of goods between users who want to trade clothing, electronics, tools, toys, and other items.

Many of us have items that we previously purchased but that now sit unused in our closets and are never utilised. So why not trade them in for something you can use right now?

6. Interactive Contact List (one of the finest app ideas)


Almost everyone has many social media profiles and uses multiple messengers at the same time. Based on this, we can come up with a basic yet intriguing mobile application concept: an interactive contact list with connections to every website important to a certain person on multiple social networks, as well as their email address and messengers.

7. Wish Store (one of the best mobile app ideas)


Many online retailers provide a special button for adding items to your Wish List or Favorites. You might reconsider this option by creating a platform that allows users to upload photographs or descriptions of the items they require. Various suppliers might then offer items or bespoke manufacturing services based on this information.

8. Trip Planner Application


Many individuals nowadays are uninterested in common tourist itineraries. At the same time, many travellers will be anxious to share their amazing travel experiences with others. The goal of this smartphone app is to build a library of trip plans, or simply walks, that are described by the users.

You can give filters with the following parameters when the number of possible itineraries is high enough:

Duration of the walk (1–2 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc. ); Goals (tourist, birthday, romantic evening); Mode of transportation (on foot, by vehicle, by bus); Budget (under $50, $50–100, $200–500); and others.

9. Tinder for Board Games


Board games are an ancient and successful business, but few people can afford to buy fascinating new releases on a regular basis. This problem may be handled by utilising a mobile app to assist those who already own a certain board game in bringing together a group of people who want to try it out for the first time or just have a nice time.

10. How Much Does Your Time Cost?


This is a very simple mobile app concept but, at the same time, has a lot of potential for success. The concept is to create a calculator that displays how much time you’ll need to work to afford a specific item depending on your income data.

You may also include options for moving between currencies, as well as tax responsibilities and other features.

11. Niche Marketplace (one of the most interesting mobile app ideas)


Because they are handy for both vendors and consumers, marketplaces are gaining in popularity. While there are many of adaptable platforms available presently, new chances to develop speciality initiatives of this nature are continually appearing. The rising popularity of NFT is an example of how a simple concept can suddenly turn into a whole new market.

12. Diet Designer


The number of diverse diets available to meet the demands of different people is enormous. Users may be able to pick the best diet for them and create an ideal diet plan using your freshly developed mobile app. You can monetise your app by allowing users to order diet food packages and receive nutritionist advice.

13. Christmas Wishlist (one of the most adorable mobile app ideas)


This app would be a collection of numerous things from various internet businesses that the user may add to his Christmas wish list. It might also be a wish list without any connection to a specific occasion.

Relatives and friends of the user might go through this list and order items for the user as a Christmas present. Additional benefits, such as gift-wrapping or free delivery, might be offered by online retailers.

14. Friend Rating


Consider a social network where you could anonymously rate your friends’ temperament, looks, behaviour, clothing style, and other characteristics.

People will see their rating and the number of users that voted, but they will never know who rated them or how they were rated. This type of programme, I believe, would be particularly popular among adolescents.

15. Recipes by Ingredients (one of the most handy mobile app ideas)


You may create an app that provides culinary recipes based on a product list you provide. You can include the ability to establish a calorie limit as an advanced feature.

Simple parsing of popular culinary websites might aid in the incorporation of thousands of recipes into the app’s database. Users are given a broad list and then directed to the source website to learn more about the dish.

16. Community App (one of the best mobile app ideas)


Each of us has hobbies and interests that we may use to connect with like-minded individuals in our community and online around the world. You may utilise this information to create an app that brings together individuals with similar interests into a single community. Try exploring popular interest groups on Facebook using our tip, and you’ll undoubtedly find a wealth of new information.

17. Dash Cam App


Nowadays, most phones include two or three cameras, one of which is usually a wide-angle camera that may be used as a dashcam. When you combine these characteristics with a huge touch screen, a significant quantity of memory, GPS, and other functions, you get a device that is almost perfect for this purpose.

If your app supports cloud storage, you’ll be able to save space on your smartphone by uploading your recorded movies to the web. You can also include voice control and Google Assistant compatibility in your app to allow users to launch the app with a voice command instead of searching for the dedicated app icon. We could go on and on about more things that would be fantastic for this app.

18. Virtual Landscape Design


This is one of the mobile app ideas that are very comparable to the augmented reality interior design product stated at the start of this essay. Instead of apartment rooms, we may use existing images to represent the surroundings around dwellings.

19. Book Rental and Exchange


This is a type of social network that allows users to trade paper books and pay publishers “rent” for their e-books. Not everyone can afford to have a big library at home, and not everyone can afford to buy books on a regular basis. As a result, a book rental and exchange platform for a mobile app is a remarkable and intriguing concept.

20. Jobs in the Neighbourhood


Most of us would prefer to have a job closer to home so that we don’t waste so much time commuting every day, and this is especially true for inhabitants of megacities. You may create an app that displays job openings depending on the user’s location or allows them to pick certain areas/streets.

21. Closed Discount Club (one of the coolest mobile app ideas)


This is one of the mobile app ideas that resemble a cashback service, but it should be unique and only available to a small number of people or based on specific interests. Both consumers and companies would benefit from this community. Discounts that aren’t accessible anyplace else might be a draw for new customers.

22. City Guide (one of the best mobile app ideas)


Finding an excellent city tour app for megacities is not difficult at all. It may, however, be a serious difficulty for smaller communities and villages. Finding and systematizing the essential reference data and creating a specific mobile app from it is a simple way to produce such a product. Many users will undoubtedly utilise this app to get all of the information they need about their community in one spot.

23. Thematic Checklists (one of the best mobile app ideas)


The purpose of a checklist is to generate a list of specified actions that must be followed in order to finish a task. This smartphone app’s concept is to allow users to upload topical checklists to a shared database and to utilise other people’s pre-made checklists. This product might be beneficial to a large number of people..

24. Niche Advert Board


Every country already has a few significant firms commanding the market in this sector. However, by concentrating on a single activity, one may always stand out. For example, you might create an advertisement board for apartment restoration workers; photographers and videographers; and rental ads for specific equipment (excavators, bulldozers, and so on).

25. Public Carsharing


Carsharing is a type of short-term automobile rental (a few hours or days) that is gaining popularity in many nations throughout the world, particularly in major cities.

However, you may think of another way to apply your mobile app concept, such as creating a firm that allows consumers to hire cars directly from auto-owners rather than through car rental agencies.

26. Expert Advice


The goal of this mobile app concept is to provide a platform where individuals can get guidance from experts in a variety of subjects. It might be a real estate specialist, a psychotherapist, a business lawyer, or a serial entrepreneur, for example. You may make money off of this type of business by charging interest on transactions that consumers make when they pay for advice services.

27. Learning the Language in Context


Immersion in a specific linguistic setting is the greatest technique to learn a foreign language. Furthermore, you will remember terms much better if you learn them in context. This is the gist of the app’s concept, which I choose to include on our list.

You may create a company that allows users to enter a certain term into an app and receive a list of brief text, audio, and video resources that contain that word.

You may also add the ability to filter information based on the student’s level, which ranges from beginner to advanced.

28. Gift App (one of the best mobile software ideas)


This is the concept of a mobile app that might be popular with a large number of people. Each of us is occasionally faced with the task of selecting a present for a loved one, but it is not always simple to come up with a decent idea on the spur of the moment. This type of product should be able to assist you in resolving this issue.

In essence, the service allows you to input specific factors (such as age, gender, and occasion (such as a birthday or wedding), and the app then provides a list of gift suggestions based on these parameters. This product can be monetized through affiliate schemes or direct collaboration with advertising.

29. Uber for Consultants


Uber’s business model has proven to be quite successful for a variety of common short-term services such as food delivery, house cleaning, small repair services, and so on. This strategy may also be used in the consulting profession, as people frequently encounter problems that need expert guidance.

The independent consulting niche will continue to expand in the future, and while this notion is hardly novel or simple, it is certainly worth examining.

30. Deal Offers near You


You don’t need to target a global or national market to create a successful product. Local markets are equally appealing to entrepreneurs in the age of smartphones.

The core concept behind this smartphone app is to enable users to rapidly locate profitable bargains (promotions and discounts) in their immediate vicinity, such as at a pizzeria down the street or a clothes store within a 10-minute walk.

31. Joint Purchases Club


When you buy wholesale, you get a discount since the more items you buy, the cheaper the price per unit will be. Furthermore, you may be eligible for benefits such as free shipping, special discounts, extended warranties, and so on.

With this in mind, it would be beneficial for individuals to band together, make joint wholesale purchases of things they require, and then distribute them among themselves. This problem will be effectively solved by a specific software designed to ease collaborative buying.

32. Find Pet Sitters (one of the best app ideas)


When you go out of town for a few days and are unable to take your children with you, you either leave them with relatives or hire a babysitter. This is a problem for pet owners as well. As a result, you might create an app that helps customers find someone to look after their pet while they are away.

33. Clothing Rental (one of the best mobile app ideas)


Most of us have clothes that originally cost a lot of money but has only been worn a few times, and we are unlikely to wear it again in the near future. Renting or even lending these items, if you have them, would be far more convenient and profitable.

It all boils down to some research and brainstorming at the end of the day. The more time you can devote to it and the better you execute it, the more likely you are to come up with a truly brilliant concept. A good example of such an idea would be Flyrobe, a perfect clothing rental app for women.


Even if you have fantastic new mobile app ideas, bear in mind that they are only a portion of your overall success, and much depends on how these ideas are put into effect. As a result, you must assemble a fantastic team to work on the project and assume a significant amount of responsibility.

If any of these mobile app ideas inspire you to create your own mobile app, you can always reach out to us and request mobile app development assistance. Our team of skilled specialists at Deliverable will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive a high-quality outcome that meets or exceeds your expectations.

I hope that this list has inspired you to start the beginning steps toward your future amazing ventures that will make you money and help your users!


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